• Irie Moss combines the health benefits of Irish Moss with Rum, Cream, Nuts and Spices in order to create an uplifting drinking experience. A guaranteed great time from a powerful unique blend that invigorates and energizes the body!

    Size: 200ml

  • A carefully blended combination of full-bodied Ruby British Wine and the exclusive ‘Sanatogen’ formula. Experience the exceptional taste and heritage of Sanatogen, crafted over 50 years. Elevate your evenings with the timeless flavour of Sanatogen Tonic Wine.

    Size: 700ml

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    Stones Ginger Wine combines the invigorating essence of ginger with the richness of fine wine. With its distinctive flavor profile, it offers a tantalizing blend of tangy ginger notes and sweet spices. This classic ginger wine can be enjoyed on its own, served over ice, or used as a versatile mixer in cocktails. Known for its warming and vibrant character, Stones Ginger Wine adds a unique and flavorful twist to any drinking experience.

    Size: 750ml, 200ml